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NFL Lingo - a guide to understanding it when your partner is into NFL

Feb 07 2017

Touchdown NFL lingo explained

What do you mean a touch down doesn't actually mean you touch the football down? When your partner is into American Football and all you hear is Monkey gibberish, read on.  With Valentine's Day almost here again... we know people are on the hunt for ways to impress your partner - so here's our guide just for you

Object of the game: As you'd expect it's to score more points than the opposing team, just like MLB, NRL, AFL, EPL and so on. 

Squad: Teams can have 53 players on their roster, hence the term 53-man, but only 46 are allowed to dress for a game, and only 11 team members on the field at one time. You may have heard of the 53-man term when aussie Jarryd Hayne, switched from NRL to NFL and made the 49ers roster in Sept 2015.

100 Yards: The field is 100 yards long by 53 wide with 2 x 10 yard end zones at each end.

End Zone: Is a 10 yard long area at the end of each field, you score a touch down when you enter the end zone in control of the football. If you are tackled in your own end zone while in possession of the ball, the other team gets a safety (two points).

Offense: The offense must move the ball 10 yards down through every 4 plays, in order to keep the possesion of the ball, and drive another 4 downs to drive towards the opponents end zone.

Defense:  The defense must prevent the opposing team from advancing 10 yards, and scoring points, either by preventing the offense from advancing beyond the scrimmage or by the defense taking the ball away from the offense. This is also referred to as turnover, which scores them points themselves. 

Touch down: A touch down means you've moved the ball into the opponents end zone and represents 6 points.

Extra Point: After a touch down, the scoring team is allowed to score one extra point by kicking the goal through the goal posts. Also known as the point after touchdown or PAT.

Downs: Are a series of plays - you can do this by either passing the ball from quarterback to receiver or by a running back 'rushing the ball' along the ground or running with the ball 

Safety: The other team scores two points if you are tackled in your own end zone while in possession of the ball

Field Goal: Just like in NRL where you have certain rules about kicking field goals, defense can score points by kicking a field and score 3 points. There's a bit more to it than that, but that's the basics.

Special Teams: Additional players that handle punts, kicks, and punts returns. They attempt field goals and extra points.

Quarters: The game, just like AFL is divided into 4 quarters. But instead of being 20 minutes, it's 4 x 15 minute quarters of play. Whoever has the most points at the end wins the game.

Here's a short video to help too:

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