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NRL Sports stars visit Lidz Caps in Newtown

Jun 01 2016

We've been known to attract some famous people since we've been open, including the lead acts of international artists, since we are across the road from the Enmore Theatre. In fact a few times, there has been cues down the street, and we've had the artists stop by and grab an American chili dog or hot dog, and a coffee and the fans had no idea they had been across the road! Other artists include The Gas Light Anthem, and @uberjakd, and @savagedkonz and comedians @superwog_.

The question we always get asked is what NRL players have you had visit your store, here's a few that have allowed us to share their pics.  

Kane Evans - Sydney Roosters

Siua Taukeiaho - Sydney Roosters

Chris McQueen - When he was with South Sydney Rabbitohs

Dave Tyrell - South Sydney Rabbitohs

Check out their Lidz Caps haul below!

There's also quite a few that want to be left as anonymous (and we totes respect that).  We hope it's your lucky day when you're in the shop, otherwise be sure to follow our Instagram for the latest news...

Kane Evans, Suia Taukeiaho Sydney Roosters Players visit Lidz Caps Newtown  Chris McQueen, Dave Tryell NRL players visit Lidz Caps Newtown

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