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The Top 10 Insider Tips we get asked about Caps

Jan 15 2017

Lidz Caps Top 10 Insider Tips for Caps we get asked the most

Have you ever worried you’d get the right thing by buying it online, we put together the questions people ask us most about hats both in our store in Newtown, Sydney and online. Plus we have a special offer for you at the end of this post...


# 10. I’ve been told all my life I have a big head; will I be able to find a hat that fits me?

We hear this all the time actually… Most people who say this, can find a “fitted” that goes up to their size. Generally snapbacks will fit somewhere up to 60cm circumference / or up to approximately a 7 5/8 in fitted.


# 9. What’s the difference between a New Era 9Twenty and a 9Forty Curve fit?

Both headwear styles have a curve brim which can be adjusted via Velcro, snapback or cloth strap. The 9Twenty is similar to a 9Forty, but with a completely deconstructed make, which results in a soft and lower crown on the cap, meaning it doesn't stick up as much.


# 8. How do I clean and care for my headwear? There are various keep your cap in shape holders to wash your cap in the dishwasher, but we’ve also heard some horror stories about these too. Lidz Caps recommends the traditional wooden brush or the spongy Cap Brush for removing lint and dust and a little spot cleaning for stubborn marks. Be sure to not wet your cap any more than a small spot or you risk it bending out of shape.


# 7. Can 59Fifty fitted caps be stretched or shrunk 2+ sizes bigger or smaller? Short answer is no. By curving the brim it will result in a slightly looser fit for your size, however most experts agree 2 sizes smaller or larger ain’t going to happen even with the fancy machines New Era has in their USA Flagship stores.


# 6. I don’t like the boxy look, what options will work for me? Traditionally a 6 panel cap will have a more square or boxy look, and probably more so on a 5 panel. New Era calls their snapbacks with 5 panels “A-Frames”. Also avoid Trucker hats, as they have a higher crown, so it’s sticks up further. Low crown / low profile are options too (don't stick up as much), although what’s trending right now is ‘Dad Hat’s a pre-curved brim comfortable baseball cap. See our range of Dad Hat’s here


# 5. Is the fit of an “On Field” Fitted, different to a 59Fifty Fitted? A New Era On Field 59Fifty will generally fit slightly deeper than a standard 59Fifty.


# 4. What’s the Cooperstown Collection for New Era all about? Well since we live in Australia, the history of baseball is not as well known. Baseball is rumoured to be invented in Cooperstown, New York. Either way, Cooperstown is synonymous with baseball and a hall of fame and museum is erected in the small town. New Era recently released a Cooperstown Collection with retro cap styles with the styles of those from the hall of fame would have worn; all caps feature an official “Cooperstown Collection” label inside your headwear.


# 3. I’ve bought caps online previously and they came packaged in a satchel, do you do that? Definitely not, we want to make sure your headwear arrives in one piece without squishing, so rest assured we box em’ out!


# 2. How do I choose the right size? Check our size guide and tips for choosing the perfect size across all our brands including New Era, Mitchell & Ness, '47 and Stance here


# 1. By far the most popular question, is do you have a specific team in stock?

We have a large range of local and international teams, and we get new drops of stock every week. Check out what’s available right now here, and be sure to sign up to our email for when new stock lands, plus we'll give you a special introductory offer.


Well thanks for reading y'all!  

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